Kevin Levrone full interview and posing at Arnold Classic Europe 2016 | AlonaTV

Kevin Levrone is one the greatest bodybuilders in the world and a lot of people call him LEGEND.
He made a comeback and got on the Mr. Olympia stage to compete again in the age 51. That is something no one else had done before!

We got the change to interview Kevin Levrone at the Arnold Classic Europe 20166. Of course I asked him, what was his honest opinion about his Mr.Olympia contest and his placement.

I also fronted him about our last interview that we had in ACE 2015, when I asked him, is he going to compete again -I think he was lying to me and I said that to him as well.
Watch the interview and see what his reaction was when I called him a "liar".

On this video you can also see him posing at the ACE 2016 stage and hear about his future plans -is he going to continue competing or was it a one time thing..


Watch also the Kevin Levrone interview we had in ACE 2015 in below or from this link.