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Dmitry Klokov is a Russian silver medallist from Olympic Games and world champion in weightlifting. He has an amazing physical strength and the weights he can lift above his head is more than most weightlifters can deadlift.


Here is some on his best lifts -amazing, don't you think!?


When Dmirty was only 7 years old, his father made him go out every morning before school and make hole in their frozen pool and jump in. 
His father was an olympic weightlifter as well and he was trying to teach his son how to be a man and better athelte than anyone else in the sport.


Dmitry has travelled around the world keeping his popular seminars to top athlete's to teach them how to be better. Dmitry first kept his seminars with the help of a translator but then decided to learn how to speak english so he could speak to his students at his seminars. He learned how to speak english only in few years.

This was the very first AlonaTV interview that I have ever made and I can admit that I was very nervous that it was such an big star in sport as him. 

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